Park Guen-hye Julius Caesar

South Korean President Park Guen-hye was recently arrested because of abuse of power. We believe there is a connection to Julius Caesar.

President Park was a respected leader at first, and most South Korean citizens didn't think she was a crook

Julius Caesar was also very respected and loved by the citizens of Rome

It was discovered that President Park was abusing her power and was impeached

Julius Caesar was also abusing his power, and was seen as a threat

President Park was removed from power, arrested and sent to prison

Julius Caesar was removed from power, except he was killed

President Park's arrest caused a lot of controversy and upset many South Koreans

Julius Caesar's assassination upset the citizens of Rome

Choi Soon-sil Brutus

Park put too much faith in her freindshp with Mrs. Choi, which led to her downfall

Caesar put too much faith in his friendship with Brutus, which led to his downfall